Gone Wandering

Gone Wandering is a relaxing collectathon game with puzzle elements, an interesting world to explore, and a Nintendo 64 era aesthetic.

Miss Pluggie’s Game Show

Miss Pluggie’s Game Show is a collection of small games that is played through Twitch chat. I have finished two of these mini-games, and I am currently working on the third one. These are currently streaming now.


Snow-Stars is a winter sports adventure game that I am prototyping currently.

By the By Alibi

By the By Alibi is a procedurally generated, couch co-op detective game.


WOAAAAAAAAAH is about starting the wave at a riveting match of sportsball. This was made by myself in 48 hours for the 2017 Global Game Jam.


Disc-Licious is an endless skeet shooting game intended for mobile devices. This was the first solo project I ever worked on.

Plumber Simulator

Plumber Simulator is a game about playing as a plumber in a basement filled with a copious amount of pipes that are all about to burst. You must use every key on your keyboard to plug the holes before the whole basement floods.