Miss Pluggie’s Game Show


Miss Pluggie’s Super Fantastical Electrical Boogical Game Show is a collection of small little games I am creating that are played through Twitch chat. I have finished my first one called Pictective(shown above), and I am currently working on the next one called Improv-a-Date(shown below). Pictective streams at twitch.tv/MissPluggie.

Pictective finds a random Wikipedia page and then spawns three images from that page on the stream. Whoever in chat types in the correct title of the Wikipedia page first wins and gets put on the leaderboard. It is a competitive internet detective game!

Improv-a-Date is a chance for everyone in Twitch chat to be front and center on the stream. Two people will spawn sitting across from one another, and they will have 60 seconds to get to know each other. Meanwhile, everyone else in chat can try to guess the secret words that will make food and hats drop from the ceiling.


  • Utilize Twitch API and an IRC bot to gather data from Twitch chat to use inside Unity
  • Utilize JSON and the MediaWiki API to gather titles, image files, and copyright information from all pages on Wikipedia to use inside Unity
  • 3d art
  • Sound design
  • Unity
  • C#
  • Maya